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Whanganui/Wanganui was previously called Petre and is a city in the Manawatū-Whanganui region of New Zealand. It is located at the point where the Whanganui River joins the ocean on the western coastline of the North Island. At the time of writing, it is the 19th most populous urban area in New Zealand and is a region that is rich with history and culture. 

So, what makes Whanganui real estate such a good investment over the upcoming year?

1. Real Estate Wanganui: A History of Strong Performance

Historically, the sale in Wanganui real estate market has always performed well. Throughout 2020, a combination of low-interest rates and a reduced supply saw house prices skyrocket. Since then interest rates have risen slightly and there are now more houses for sale

According to the online marketplace and advertising platform, Wanganui real estate Trade Me Property Wanganui, New Zealand’s booming economy generally boosted the regional economies in Manawatū-Whanganui. 

This region was to thank for the substantial growth in the real estate market in places like Whanganui, Marton, Bulls and Waverley. Land for sale Wanganui is sought after although and there are new subdivisions opening up from time to time including Brunswick three land options.

Throughout 2021, house prices in Wanganui have been consistently increasing alongside the national average. According to some sources, the national median rent saw no month-on-month change in November 2021, there had been an 8% increase when compared with November 2020. Weekly rents in Whanganui increased to $480. 

So, where are Wanganui real estate prices? From March 2020 to March 2021, house prices in the Manawatū-Whanganui region increased by a whopping 23.7% to $520,000, according to Trade Me research. The upward trends of both rental data and property prices are expected to continue into 2022. 

2. A Great Return on Your Investment 

The strong performance of the rental and housing markets in Wanganui real estate listings over recent years are matched by major cities such as Auckland and Wellington, but one thing differs. House prices in Wanganui, while increasing, are no way near the level they are in other major cities, but the rents are comparatively stronger. This means that the rental yield in Whanganui and associated suburbs are much higher than in Auckland and Wellington, making it a great place for investors to invest their capital. 

As we know, when it comes to property investment, cash flow is king. Investing in here means your cash goes further. With strong rental yields and a history of strong performance in the local area, Whanganui is a great place to invest in real estate. We are also seeing far more private houses for sale Wanganui being offered on today’s market.

3. Great Potential for Capital Growth 

While a steady cash flow certainly is important for investors, so is the potential for capital appreciation. The continuing upward trend in house prices in Whanganui means that there has never been a better time to invest in the long term. 

Experts say there is minimal risk of house prices dropping any time soon, as many people are moving away from the expensive regions such as Auckland, and turning to more affordable cities like Whanganui. 

In December 2020 the region had experienced the second-highest capital growth in New Zealand. Both properties for sale and land for sale can expect to experience significant capital appreciation throughout 2022.   

4. A Large Supply of Housing

Contrary to past years, in Whanganui, the supply of properties and farms for sale in the area is now good. Having said that, good real estate is being snapped up very quickly. 

According to an interview conducted by Trade Me Wanganui in February of 2021, most houses for sale in Wanganui are taking between 10 and 15 days to be sold although with more properties for sale in Whanganui now, this could expand and take longer. 

A good supply of properties, land and farms for sale means that investors can be sure a great deal will come up for them. Enlisting the help of an experienced real estate Wanganui agent will mean that investors can be the first ones to know when a new listing is available and can get ahead of the game. A recent addition to the real estate ranks in Whanganui is Arizto real estate Wanganui which is growing in popularity.

5. An Opportunity to Invest in Farms for Sale 

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Another great reason to invest in real estate Wanganui is the opportunity to invest in farmland. The Whanganui region often has a number of farms for sale, and they represent a great investment for those who enjoy working with livestock in a rural setting.  

Farming communities such as Fordell are popular amongst residents and tourists alike, with numerous historical properties and prestigious farms. Fordell in particular is well-known for its local stock sales and is just 18km from the centre of Whanganui. 

In Whanganui, farmhouses and farms for sale can often be purchased for a great price, and are often located on prime local real estate.   

6. Land Development and Land for Sale

In addition to the farmland that Whanganui has for sale, there is also plenty of other land for sale in the region. Real estate agents in the local area often have sections and plots of land of all sizes for sale, presenting a great opportunity for property investors and developers. 

Depending on whether the land is in the centre of Whanganui or in a more rural setting, the opportunities for land development differ. Land for sale in highly sought-after areas or popular tourist destinations is generally dearer than land on the outskirts of the region, with the exception of farmland. 

Land for sale presents property investors with the opportunity to team up with local developers and construction companies to create their investment from scratch and build something that will truly make its mark on the neighbourhood.   

7. An Area Popular with Residents and Tourists 

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Whanganui’s population is continually growing and has seen an increase in population from 45,309 to 48,100 in the last three years but now sits around 50,000. It is very popular with both New Zealanders and international tourists, due to the fact that it is very well-located. 

The centre of Whanganui is 90 minutes from Tongariro National Park, a popular destination for skiers and just 50 minutes to Palmerston North. The drive to Wellington is 2.5 hours and to Auckland is 5 hours (or a 1-hour flight). 

Real estate Wanganui is affordable and this makes it popular amongst local small businesses, and also bigger businesses moving from major cities such as Wellington. It also makes the region popular amongst residents who have previously lived in the major cities but welcome a change of pace and lifestyle.  

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to local residents living in Whanganui is the fact that it is a ‘ten-minute town’, meaning that all core community facilities and services are accessible within a 10-minute walk or cycle. Whanganui’s popularity with residents means the rental demand and housing market remain strong, which is great news for investors. 

Whanganui is also visited by many tourists. With beautiful scenery from Rotokawau/Virginia Lake to Bason Botanical Gardens, and of course Whanganui National Park, Whanganui proves to be popular with tourists wanting a relaxing destination. There are many beaches and hiking trails, and an admired opera house. 

The growing number of tourists visiting the region means that investors in Whanganui real estate have the ability to diversify their investments, and include real estate such as hotels, restaurants and serviced housing in their portfolios.   

8. A City with a Rich History and Culture

Whanganui has a strong cultural focus and a great deal of history. There are several cultural institutions in the centre of the region, including the Sarjeant Gallery, which holds more than 8000 works of 16th – 21st-century art. In addition to this, the region has the Whanganui Regional Museum, the Davis Library, the Alexander Heritage and Research Library, and the Whanganui War Memorial Centre.  

There is a vast amount of Māori culture in Whanganui, which is a big influencer of Whanganui culture. The world-renowned history makes Whanganui a great place to live and invest. Many local investors have enjoyed investing in real estate with historical and cultural significance.  

9. A Wide Variety of Communities 

There is a wide variety of locations in the Whanganui region which presents a wide range of opportunities to both New Zealand and International investors, whether an investor is looking for houses, land or farms for sale. 

Communities such as Aramoho, Gonville, Castlecliff and Whanganui East are popular with working-class New Zealanders and are currently experiencing increases in property values. The strong levels of employment in the area mean that there is great rental demand. 

Suburbs such as Castlecliff, Otamatea, Saint John’s Hill and Westmere are experiencing the greatest increase in house prices, and are some of the most sought-after areas in Whanganui. It is likely that properties in these areas will experience some of the greatest capital growth in the future.   

10. The Whanganui Lifestyle 

Many residents of larger cities like Auckland and Wellington are making the transition to an enjoyable lifestyle in Whanganui. The great beaches, culture, art and of course the more affordable housing are persuading New Zealanders to make the change. 

According to Trade Me, a three-bedroom property will cost between $400,000 and $500,000, depending on the location. The same property in Auckland is likely to cost a buyer around $1,000,000! Property Brokers Wanganui houses for sale currently have several in this price range and Property Brokers Wanganui open homes are held every second weekend.

Lifestyle property in Wanganui will range from $900,000 to $1.2 million, with a comparable house in Auckland costing upwards of $1.4 million. There are several Wanganui real estate agents specialising in rural properties for sale.

With these kinds of differences, it’s easy to see why many New Zealand residents are making the move to Whanganui. The population of the city is growing and the real estate market is booming.  

If you want to get started with investing in real estate Wanganui, do a search here on MyMansion.co.nz for the latest local property listings and to find your next dream home. Properties for sale Wanganui are worth it!

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