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``Mighty oaks from little acorns grow``

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About us: MyMansion.co.nz was born in September 2020 when we published our first online real estate magazine with the encouragement of a few local real estate agents. It was a simple idea our Founder from Whanganui, New Zealand had been nurturing for over 30 years since his real estate sales days and a lifetime of property investment

The design skills and commitment of Ahmed (based in the jungles of Nigeria), the precise analytic skills of Wasi (based amongst the throbbing masses in Pakistan) and the supreme programming skills of the very determined Vlad in Ukraine (as bombs were being dropped and fighting took place all around him, yet he still managed to bring this project back to life from the brink of death) have made us what we are. 

You now see their creation before you and you can be assured it was no easy task. 

Our vision is to promote properties for sale from New Plymouth to Wellington and to provide a free real estate platform to enable local real estate agents and private sellers to list and sell their properties rather than bow to dominant corporate players owned by foreign private equity firms who siphon millions of local funds off overseas.

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About us:

MyMansion.co.nz specialises in houses and properties for sale from New Plymouth to Wellington and everywhere in-between. With over 30 years of real estate nz experience, we know the local real estate market and houses for sale in this area. Real Estate and supporting the real estate industry is our passion. We get thousands of visitors to our website every month and we thank you for being one of them. If there’s something you don’t like about our website and can suggest an improvement we would love to hear from you so please go to our contact page. MyMansion.co.nz advertises and promotes all the houses and properties listed by local real estate agents as well as private houses for sale sellers. MyMansion.co.nz includes properties for sale in all price ranges. Listings include houses for sale, lifestyle properties for sale, farms for sale and sections for sale from New Plymouth to Wellington.  

Meet Our Team


Steve Baron

Founder & CEO

Steve Baron is the Founder & CEO of MyMansion.co.nz and has had a lifelong passion for real estate and the real estate industry.

He is a former successful real estate agent and property investor when based in Auckland and formerly the Managing Director of Baron Marketing Ltd, an advertising company he founded and ran for over 20 years.

He is a past mentor for Business Mentors NZ and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Waikato Majoring in Economics & Political Science. He also holds an Honours Degree from Victoria University of Wellington in Political Science.

He is a published author of three books and a prominent guest editorialist for newspapers throughout New Zealand. In his spare time, Steve is the Clerk of the Scales for New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, is a Bridge Grandmaster and enjoys walking, running and cafes.

Krystal D'Urso

Krystal D'Urso

Graphic Design

Krystal has always had a flair for graphic design as a young child and is passionate about doing the best she can do when it comes to graphic design and life in general. She is a valued member of the MyMansion.co.nz team.

Will Fourie

Will Fourie

Technical Adviser

Will studied at the University of Auckland has always been fascinated by numbers, statistics and all things the internet. His expertise on web design and technical matters has been invaluable to MyMansion.co.nz.

Jawad Kumar

Jawad Kumar

Property Technician

Jawad studied mathematics at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). He is responsible for ensuring properties listed on our website are presented in the best way possible and he does an amazing job behind the scenes keeping everything up to date and functioning correctly.

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