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Houses For Sale Dannevirke


7 Reasons To Love Dannevirke!

Dannevirke Real Estate

Houses for sale Dannevirke

A Scandinavian Heritage

Houses for sale Dannevirke: Having a Scandinavian heritage is what Dannevirke is known for. The Viking stands tall & proud in Dannevirke!

Houses for sale Dannevirke along with farms for sale Dannevirke are extremely popular as the local real estate market thrives.

Their heritage dates back to 1872 when numerous Scandinavian families settled here.

A Maori Heritage

There is also a proud Maori heritage in the town with the local Marae being Makirikiri. Dannevirke is a rural service town located in the Territory Authority of Tararua, one of the 12 residential areas forming the larger region.

It has a population of 5,700 with a median age of 40 years, where the residents engage in dairy, beef cattle, and sheep farming which is now their major income.

Residential housing stock takes up around 81% of residential housing, 1% of investment housing, and 17% of lifestyle properties.

Houses For Sale Dannevirke

The town provides varied housing stock, with the first residential house in Dannevirke to be recorded being built around 1880 – 1889.

But most of the residential homes were constructed around 1950 – 1959.

Whether you want to buy your first home or invest in a home, Dannevirke is a popular source of houses for sale. There are numerous houses for rent in Dannevirke should the need arise and the town is only a 50-minute drive away from Palmerston North.

ForHomes Dannevirke and ForFarms for rural properties for sale Dannevirke are other popular sources of Dannevirke real estate.

Even though most of the houses were constructed in the 1950s, they’re still in great shape, being that they are regularly maintained. of 

History of Dannevirke, New Zealand

Dannevirke, a town in New Zealand initially founded by Scandinavian immigrants brought by the government to cut down the forest that surrounded a large part of southern Hawke’s Bay, then farms after clearing the land.

People then settled on the land and established dairy farms which helped in boosting the town.

The town gained its name after the old fortification at Schleswig, where the Danes lost to Germany in 1864. In around 1870, the government started a movement aimed at inducing immigration from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

To implement this movement, the land was set aside for the settlers, and, on the 16th of September in 1872, the first immigrants started arriving in ships.

Onboard the vessel was twenty-one families who arrived at Dannevirke; fourteen were Danish, and seven Norwegian and Swedish.

Dannevirke Real Estate

The recent property prices for Dannevirke have been rising in numbers over the years, which is typically reflected in the number of people who purchase a house around the town.

Recent house sales Dannevirke show consistent increases. Houses for sale Woodville are also an option.

The data recorded by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) indicate an increase of \$71,500 in median residential property prices, rising from \$90,000 to \$161,500 in around one year or less. In the entire population, 29% rent.

Haswell Street subdivision Eketahuna is also another option and is nearby.

Job Opportunities

The vast number of residents in Dannevirke are employed compared to the unemployed. Over 37% are employed full-time, while 5% are unemployed.

The employment rate for residents above 15 years was 40% (1,743) for those employed full time, 15% were working part-time.

Dannevirke Tararua Manawatu Wanganui offers plenty of job opportunities generally speaking.


Due to the high altitude, the summer temperatures in Dannevirke are mostly cooler compared to some North Island towns. During winter Dannevirke normally experiences frosts like most parts of New Zealand. Snow is very rare in this part.

If you’re in search of a house for sale in Dannevirke, be it a residential or rental, this is the perfect time to make your purchase.

Whether you’re looking for a family haven or investment property, there are plenty of trade me property Dannevirke on the books.

Additionally, you could also check out which is a platform that brings all Dannevirke real estate agencies in one place to give you an even wider selection to search for your house.

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Property Brokers Dannevirke

ForHomes Dannevirke

Harcourts Dannevirke

As you would expect, many local real estate agents are servicing Dannevirke. This includes Arizto Real Estate, ForFarms Dannevirke, Professionals Dannevirke, Bayleys Real Estate as well as private houses for sale Dannevirke. combines all these agents’ listings into one convenient place so you don’t have to look at every real estate agent’s listings.

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