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Houses For Sale Levin

7 Reasons To Love Levin!

Levin Real Estate

Houses for sale Levin

An Amazing Place

Levin is an amazing place to stroll by and explore the larger part of Horowhenua. The town is the largest of the Horowhenua District where they serve the agricultural community in their area with a lot of fish products at the roadsides stalls and houses for sale Levin.

Amazing Fishing

The town attracts several visitors with the Tasman Sea Coast lying on one side, on the other side there is the Tararua Ranges and plenty of houses for sale Levin Horowhenua. People also often search for trade me houses for sale Horowhenua and all these listings are here.

Levin Population

The town had a population of 17,670 in 2018 and 7,062 households where 30.05 % live in rentals. Their population make it the 30th largest urban area situated in New Zealand. Additionally, Levin is a service centre for the surrounding rural area and a centre for light manufacturing.

Rental Properties

As the New Zealand housing market continues to rise quickly, more houses for sale in Levin Horowhenua may increase in price. The average price listed for houses is around $619,000. And the average rent in Levin for a house is $470 for at least one week while the average rental yield is 3.95%.

History of Levin, New Zealand

Levin, a large town located 50 km south-west of Palmerston North and 95 km north of Wellington. Levin was among the last districts to be opened in the region to Pākehā settlement, but before the 1880s the railway passing through Wellington ad Manawatu had been constructed.

The tribe initially known as the Muaupoko tribe and the tribe leader Keepa Te Rangihiwinui were willing to sell part of their land for a township, so long as every tenth section would go back to the tribe.

They also had a second requirement; a town square and a reserve by the Lake Horowhenua, and their tribe leader be elected as the trustee. The pressures that came financially on Keepa (tribe leader) would mean that the crown was to drop these conditions.

So, the town that was to be named Taitoko after Keepa’s father, was called Levin; the name of the railway company director (W.H. Levin).

Railway Construction

The construction of the railway transformed the life of the residents in the district. The first settlements that sprung up along the coast now followed the railway inland.

The government then promoted farming; this led to the growth of the town as farming developed and dominated the railway settlements of Koputaroa and Ohau. It later became a borough in 1906.

Levin Cost of living

Many of the factors we have to consider when moving someplace new are the cost of living. And it’s time to acknowledge one of the biggest benefits of living in Levin. Compared to living in the city, the cost of buying a house or even renting one is higher than Levin.

The median price for a house was around $619,000 while the average houses for rent Levin were around $470 per week. With an older population town, houses for sale Levin offer exceptional family living

Levin Employment

It is not easy landing a job in towns due to few businesses, but as a result, there is better job security. But Levin is a different town. There have been job opportunities for a while now, so you might just land a job.

Additionally, the employers in Levin value their employees a lot and prefer to have a position filled as soon as possible.

Levin Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a sudden change of environment, it would be in your best interest to consider moving to Levin. The benefits we have mentioned are just the tip.

Every day you might discover more things that will make you glad you decided to move to Levin. If you’re convinced Levin is your future home, you can check trade me houses for sale Levin.

Houses For Sale Levin

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Real Estate Leaders

Harcourts Levin houses for sale are one of the leaders in this location with offers over Levin Horowhenua often meeting vendors’ expectations.

Towns Nearby

Levin Real Estate

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Levin has several smaller towns that it supports for many public needs. Some of the towns nearby Levin include houses for sale Foxton, houses for sale Foxton Beach, farms for sale Manakau.

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Levin Real Estate

Harcourts Levin

Property Brokers Listing

As you would expect, many local real estate agents service Levin. This includes Wilton & Co., One Agency, Arizto, Professionals, Property Brokers Levin, PGG Wrightson Levin, Ray White Levin, Tall Poppy Levin, Bayleys Levin, First National, Property Specialists & Sold On Kapiti and private houses for sale Levin. combines all these agents’ listings into one convenient place so you don’t have to look at every real estate agent’s listings. To save time searching for your new home right here on these pages instead of Trade me Property Levin.

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