Real Estate Listings

Real estate listings

Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Listings 

The number of real estate listings in New Zealand has increased dramatically over the last few months. Perhaps even doubling in some areas. 

Real Estate NZ

This has always been in demand in general. Prices have been pushed up by immigrants and overseas investors over the years who have been looking to buy a bolt-hold in another country.

The spread of Covid19 and the drop-off in travel has perhaps decreased the impulse buyers who come to New Zealand and fall in love with the beautiful scenery and real estate.

Trade Me Property 

A real estate company like Bayleys Real Estate tend to specialise in the higher price ranges especially in the larger centres when people look for houses for sale and Christchurch real estate listings or Auckland real estate for example. 

Houses For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

Real Estate NZ 

Of course, the hottest market is Auckland where we have seen the greatest price increases over many years. The jobs are there, the money is there and the people are there. This is the place where most immigrants settle.

As the largest city in New Zealand, this is likely to continue for a long time even though people are now starting to appreciate the regions like Whanganui, New Plymouth, Horowhenua etc. 

Cheapest Houses In NZ For Sale

Houses for sale in New Zealand under \$200,000 are almost impossible to find but there are certainly some available in rural areas of New Zealand. One of the cheapest spots in New Zealand is the West Coast with places like Westport, Greymouth and Hokitika.

It’s a quiet place if you want to get away from the crowd. But houses for sale Wanganui offer good value for money too.

Another option is purchasing an apartment for sale which tends to be cheaper but is not for everyone of course.

What is the most popular real estate website?

Real estate portals like MyMansion, Trade Me, Real Estate Co NZ or Homes NZ are popular places to find houses for sale in New Zealand. Searching is free but listing a property for sale with Trade Me can be expensive. Real Estate Co NZ will not allow private house sales to be listed but MyMansion is free to list a property for sale and private houses for sale are very welcome. 

New Zealand Beach Houses For Sale

New Zealand beach houses for sale is the dream for many people and it is getting more expensive all the time to achieve this, especially if the property for sale is close to a major city. But if you are prepared to venture away from the maddening crowd it is always possible if this is the lifestyle you seek. 

Are house prices dropping in NZ?

There is no doubt that at this point in time real estate prices are certainly dropping. But demand is still there and good properties at reasonable prices are always snapped up quickly. 

But the difference is that buyers now know they have the upper hand. It is indeed a buyer’s market. The big question is whether or not prices will drop further. 

How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Property In NZ?

In order to buy a property, you first need to find out if the property is up for sale. Check with the real estate agent. If it’s not being sold through an agent then you will need to approach the owner directly. 

You will need to do a title search, which means you contact Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and request a certificate of title. There is a fee for this.

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