Sections For Sale: 5 Reasons To Love Your Tiny House!

Sections For Sale

Tiny Houses

Many Kiwis are struggling to find a place of their own and are turning to tiny homes as an option. But you still need somewhere to put those tiny houses and the big problem is finding sections for sale.

Sections For Sale

Rural sections for sale are always an option and living a bit further out of town can give you more options that may even be cheaper options!

Many New Zealanders simply don’t have the deposit they need for a home. You only need to do a quick search for houses for sale to see how high prices are even in rural areas like Wanganui, which is one of the most inexpensive places in New Zealand to live, but is still rather expensive these days.

So there are plenty of people turning to tiny homes or even deciding on a tiny home as a holiday escape and they are happy to have a small space that doesn’t take much to look after.

But land can be expensive as well as in short supply so it pays to keep a sharp eye on the real estate market and a great place for that is where you will find all the sections for sale from New Plymouth to Wellington.

Land For Sale

How much do sections cost NZ?

Some rural councils have been know to give land away to attract new residents. You might just be surprised how cheap they can be if you are prepared to put in a bit of hard work to tidy up an unloved section. has all the local real estate agents listings as well as private sections for sale and land for sale.

So there’s really no point searching on trade me sections for sale as we have some of the cheapest sections for sale NZ. Just search for sections for sale Manawatu for example.

How much is a section in Auckland?

How much does land cost in Auckland?

At the time of writing, the cheapest section we could find for sale in Auckland was $265,000 for a 809sqm section in West Auckland.

However, we do not have residential sections in Auckland, sections for sale South Island or sections for sale Nelson but we have sections for sale North Island from New Plymouth to Wellington

Many tiny homes that are sold these days are very luxurious and are now being built with a Certificate in Council Code of Compliance which gives you peace of mind.

These days tiny homes are stylish and very functional yet often have a real feeling of space, are made of quality materials and are fully insulated for New Zealand conditions and standards. They come with power, plumbing and sewage in many cases.

Which is ideal if you want to live off the grid. They will be delivered to your section ready to be lived in and many come with five-year warranties. This is something anyone considering a new tiny home should definitely demand.

It can be amazing just how creative with space some tiny home companies can be and just how much you can fit into a tiny home so do some homework and investigate space saving ideas and be creative!

When considering the purchase of a tiny house be sure to check with the local council which in Whanganui is the Whanganui District Council or the Marton area is the Rangitikei District Council as zoning rules are often changing and councils are far more aware of the tiny house movement these days and adopt special bylaws to cater for them.

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